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LiLi, this exciting fragrance now budding, is the latest addition from the house of JOOTS, Inc.  LiLi le Parfum is intended for the woman who is eternally guided by the magic found in the beauty, change and rebirth of nature, always arising in grand majesty and gracing life around her. Similarly, LiLi promises to complement, please, grace and adorn, over and again. Anchored in bottom notes of sueded musk, warm woods and amber, LiLi Eau de Parfum harbors a middle layer of lush green petals, hyacinth, pineapple lily and jasmine.  The compelling ‘yin and yang’ mixture of these two levels boasts top notes of Persian lemon, white peach, blooms of freesia and pear blossoms, all providing an impish and youthful quality that serves to keep LiLi and its wearer ever-alluring and eternally splendid.


Created chiefly by Belmay Fragrances’ Perfumer Steven Claisse along with Nancy Cordaro, the parfum is bottled in stunning decanters reflecting an original design of sculptor George Glasenhardt enclosed in a gold satin pouch..  Each stylish flacon is graced with a frosted glass stopper depicting a soft, classic lady delicately rising from the center of—what else?—a lush lily. Collaborating with all who contributed to the genesis of LiLi Eau de Parfum, including valuable input from noted perfumer Patrick Whelan, is George Salovich, Creative Director of JOOTS, Inc. who has envisioned the LiLi user as one who is not simply satisfied with the usual or the mundane.


She is ever-reinventing and reestablishing herself, much like the lily, eternally sprouting and reappearing from a humble bulb. The idea, here, and probably with all fragrances, is to find your personal amazing essence, exclusive to you alone.  LiLi calls upon the user to rediscover one’s inner beauty and to bring it forth again and again.  Each dawning day brings a new chance to blossom and to show the world the incredible woman you are.  LiLi le Parfum now steps forward to accompany a lady into her very own private and perfect new self.